last nameHejn√°
first nameMichaela
affiliationUniversity Of Manchester
main domainphonology
based inEngland
emailmisprdlina @ gmail.com
hostelneeds 1 bed in the hostel
self-descriptionI took my BA and MA at Charles University, Prague, where I studied English and American Studies and English Language and Linguistics. My BA thesis focused on ablaut formations in Old and Middle English from a typological perspective. My MA thesis dealt with rhythm and Welsh English (Cardiff and Aberystwyth). I started my PhD in Manchester in September. The research is concerned with voiceless plosives in (so far only) Aberystwyth English. At the moment I am looking into pre-aspiration and consonantal lengthening mainly, but plan to include spirantisation, glottalisation, etc. I am interested in interfaces of phonology and sociolinguistics and am hoping to approach Welsh plosives from both perspectives. As far as I remember, I had undertaken only one generative seminar during my BA and MA in Prague, and that was an overview of syntactic generative approaches. A friend interested in syntax told me at that time that the approaches did not include any modern ones either. So, I really need to catch with with generative approaches in phonology! This is one of the main reasons I would love to come to the egg. Another reason is of course meeting so many people with similar interests, which is invaluable.

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