Topics in Balkan Syntax

During the first session, the Balkan Sprachbund phenomenon will be discussed rather informally. The following questions will be discussed: What features count as Sprachbund features? What languages qualifying for Sprachbund membership? What is the origin of the Sprachbund features?

The second session will be devoted to the Balkan clausal clitics. Special attention will be devoted to the pronominal clitics and clitic doubling.

The third session will be devoted to the structure of the DP. In this connection the question of raising of DP possessive clitics to CP will be approached discussed.

During the fourth session the subjunctive structures in the Balkan languages will be examined. The Balkan periphrastic future tense will be related to these structures.

The fifth session will be devoted to negation and its relationship to mood. Functional projections in general will also be discussed.

A number of papers, published or unpublished, will be made available for reading (and copying).