How language acquisition turned generative

This course is for advanced undergrads or grad students who already know a fair bit of generative syntax (preferrably cross-linguistically) - they however need not know much about acquisition. It's also a course for those who have done traditional and/or empirical L1A/L2A and want an overview and appraisal of generative approaches to the field. No preparatory reading required.

  1. Is there a logical problem of language acquisition? Historical overview of L1 acquisition

  2. Testing for UG: The debate on German L2 word order Discontinuity - weak continuity - strong continuity

  3. Major approaches to the acquisition of early syntactic structure: No functional categories vs. Tree building/Lexical learning vs Full competence. Early NPs and DPs.

  4. Classic L1A topics: Verbal morphology, agreement and verb placement

  5. Classic L1A topics: Root infinitives, Null subjects