Comparative Slavic Syntax

This is a general introduction to comparative Slavic syntax and requires no advance reading. It introduces the major thematic topics and starts basically from scratch. Because many of the studens are at least familiar with 1 or more Slavic language, presentation of data, and gathering of additional relevant data during class will be a naturally occurring event.

The course will summarize major claims about controversial areas, providing reading lists for continued work in each area. The lecture topics:

  1. Overview of comparative structures (syntactic characteristics of the 3 Slavic subfamilies)
  2. Issues of Phrase Structure: Constituency, Aspect, Mopholexical Processes
  3. CASE (esp. Genitive of Negation, Predicate Instrumental, "2nd Dative")
  4. Multiple WH movement
  5. Word Order Variation: Derivations and Motivations