About the Confirmation Process

In order to avoid the problems linked to the dozens of persons that apply but do not come to the summerschool, we require that everyone confirms their application. Here are the rules of the game: Here is how to confirm:

1. First you need to get your password. To do that, send an email to egg-confirm@auf.net and your password will be emailed back to you (this may take a couple of days, so start early). The password is either a random sequence of letters, or a random number.

Notice that you must send your email from the address under which you registered. All emails coming from unregistered addresses are ignored by the server. If you're not sure what address you are registered under, go to the page of registered people and click on your name. You will see what email the server thinks is yours.

2. Once you have your password, go to the step 1 of the confirmation process. There you will be asked to enter your first name, last name and password. Again, you must enter your name exactly as it is on your application. Otherwise the server will not recognise you and will therefore not confirm your registration. If you are not sure under what name the server knows you, go and check at the page of all registered people. (Notice that the server might get overloaded at peak points, so if things are slow, please retry a bit later, or from another machine.)

3. After you enter your data above and click on the "send data" button, the server will give you a personalised confirmation form. This is is the real confirmation step. This form will have some questions for you to fill in (depending on your status: grant or not, intro-track or not, etc.). If the server understands your answers and tells you it has confirmed you, then you are done.

4. If too many people need a bed in the hostel, we will sort out the confirmations quickly after the deadline, so that you can plan your trip in advance. We will announce on the mailing list who are the 270 persons that can be lodged in the hostel. The choice will be made mostly on the basis of the text you are asked to fill during the confirmation process. That's the most fair way to do it that we found.