Classes in Nis01

Intro Track:

Sabrina Bendjaballa (CNRS) Apophonic theory in phonology and morphology (2 weeks)
Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen) Introduction to Phonology
Jonathan Kaye (Guangzhou) Introduction to Current Issues in the theory of phonological representations
Tobias Scheer (Nice) The representation of morphological information in phonology
Tobias Scheer (Nice) Everything you always wanted to know about Czech vowel length
Klaus Abels (UConn) Introduction to Locality
Ute Bohnacker (Lund) Bilingual child language acquisition
Elissaveta Boyadzhieva (Blagoevgrad) Introduction to the concepts underlying Generative Grammar
Michal Starke (Geneva) Basic Introduction to Syntax, based on Slavic Verb Movement
Peter Svenonius (Tromso) Microcomparative Syntax: English and its Germanic Relatives
Olga Miseska Tomic (Leiden) From 'Syntactic Structures' to the Minimalist Program
Luisa Marti (UConn) Introduction to Formal Semantics

Advanced Track:

Haike Jacobs (Nijmegen) Issues in the Prosody of Romance
Jonathan Kaye (Guangzhou) Phonology of Chinese languages
Tobias Scheer (Nice) Locality in Phonology
Klaus Abels (UConn) The Syntax of Linearisation
Michal Starke (Geneva) Movement, Phrase-Structure and Pied-Piping
Peter Svenonius (Tromso) Five Lectures on Minimalist Syntax
Arhonto Terzi (Patras) The Syntax of Prepositions (2 weeks)
Olga Miseska Tomic (Leiden) Topics in South Slavic Syntax
Luisa Marti (UConn) Context and Quantifier Domain Restrictions