Intro Track:

David Pesetsky (MIT) Introduction to Minimalism, its precursors and alternatives

Michal Starke (Geneva) The Basics of Generative Syntax

Winfried Lechner (UMass/Tubingen) Introduction to Binding Theory

Katarina Hartman (UFrankfurt) Introduction to the Syntax of Coordination

Cedric Boeckx (UConn) Introduction to Case (and the EPP)

Klaus Abels (UConn) Introduction to Locality

Daniel Buring (UCSantaCruz) The Basics of Formal Semantics

Peter Ludlow (Suny) +
Stephen Neale (Rutgers)
Introduction to Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

Delia Graff + Michael Fara (Princeton) Introduction to Modal Logic

Orin Percus (MIT/Milano) Introduction to Logical Form: the motivation for variables

Jonathan Kaye (Guangzhou) Introduction to Phonological Theory

Irina Sekerina (Rutgers) Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Advanced Track:

David Pesetsky (MIT) Case, Tense and the Typology of Clauses

Michal Starke (Geneva) Towards a unique syntactic principle: unifying locality and xBar theory

Winfried Lechner (UMass/Tubingen) Syntactic Phrase Structure Paradoxes

Katarina Hartman (UFrankfurt) +
Daniel Buring (UCSantaCruz)

Michael Brody (UCL/Budapest) Developments in Elegant Syntax

Cedric Boeckx (UConn) Movement and theta-positions

Delia Graff + Michael Fara (Princeton) Vagueness in Logic and Language

Peter Ludlow (Suny) Directional Entailingness and NPIs

Stephen Neale (Rutgers) Quantifiers and Necessity

Orin Percus (MIT/Milano) Locality conditions on variable binding

Jonathan Kaye (Guangzhou) Phonological Interfaces

Irina Sekerina (Rutgers) Experimental Methods