About Blagoevgrad
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An (edited) description by Ellie Boyadjieva:

The town itself is pretty, with a river running through it. The river bank is the place with the most restaurants, pubs etc. You cannot make more than 100 steps and not to find a place to sit and have a coffee or something to eat. Night life is very busy if you have the stamina to keep it going every night, with even more life in the summer than during the academic year.

There are beautiful surroundings as well as it is situated at the foot of the highest mountain in Bulgaria - the Rila mountains. Along the river toward the mountains there are beautiful meadows with green grass where one can spend hours on end sunbathing or drawning in the river. There is also a swimming pool (which I personally do not recommend). There is also a tennis complex with 6 tennis courts. Haven't checked the price so far but I know it is much cheaper than in Sofia [which is around 5$, so it should be around 2-3$ is Blago].

Near Blagoevgrad there are several places of interest not to be missed - the biggest and the most beautiful monastery on the Balkan peninsula - The Rila Monastery. It is 40 minutes drive from Blagoevgrad. Another town is the one of Melnik - the smallest town in Bulgaria with where one can see one of the wonders of nature - the pink lime rocks sheltering the old houses where only 300 people live. Every house is either a Bed and Breakfast hotel or a wine cellar. The Melnik wine is one of the most famous in Bulgaria and abroad - you can't have tasted it since it is only produced locally and cannot be bottled: It wastes its flavour when bottled.

The weather in Blagoevgrad is quite hot in August - 36 degrees is the average temperature, but it is not as humid as elsewhere in Bulgaria, so it feels bearable. The staff at the AUBG promised to equip the rooms with fans and I hope they will keep their word.

Finally, it is about 100 kilometers from Sofia. There are regular buses running b/n Sofia and Blgr every round hour from 7am to 6pm daily. The bus station in Sofia is comfortably situated next to the central railway station. (I'll send a map later). The journey takes 1 - 1.30 hour.

An (edited) mini description by Mary Staneva:
very small [82,000 inhabitants], very cheap restaurants (including a lovely Chinese one), not unbearably hot during the summer (as opposed to the rest of Bulgaria). Any cab takes you anywhere within the city for max 1 lev (1DM). The American Univ in the centre of the city is magnificent.

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